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Assisted hatching

Assisted hatching is a technique, artificial breaching of the outer shell (Zona Pellilcidae) of the embryo, which improves the implantation and pregnancy rate in poor prognosis patients in IVF.

This is done by physical, chemical, and laser methods. The laser method is used routinely.

Artificial hatching is not recommended routinely to all IVF patients. It is done in poor prognosis patients to improve the clinical pregnancy rate.

Indication for artificial hatching


Artificial hatching is performed day-3 (or) Day 5 Embryos, before embryo transfer.

On the day of embryo transfer, an embryologist carefully evaluates embryo quality depending on their stage of development, an embryologist assists the hatching by making a small nick in the zona pellucid using a laser.

This procedure improves the chance of implantation and pregnancy in poor prognosis patients.

Risk of artificial hatching

Sometimes during the artificial hatching procedure, there is a very small risk of embryo damage but it did not increase the birth defects.

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