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Having a baby is an important part of every family and the dream of every woman. The SISU hospital helps you to achieve the dream of having a baby. We provide world-class IVF treatment at affordable cost along with the brilliant technology, professional and caring staff.

IUI is a simplest form of ART, in which washed, highly motile, capcitated /sperms are infused inside the uterus through a flexible catheter to improve the pregnancy rate. Donor Semen IUI is done at request in our hospital. The success rate of IUI is 15% to 20% per cycle. The Cumulative Success rate is 70 to 80 percent.

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Our IVF Treatment Process

Consultation with Doctor

Step 1: Get an free Consultation with SISU Hospital Doctors, Before treatment start, you will discuss medical history and the treatment process including risk and side effects with your doctor


Step 2: After your baseline scans, injections will stimulate your ovaries to develop multiple eggs


Step 2: Regular scans and blood test allow us to monitor your ovanan response to the drug

Trigger injections

Step 4: When hormones are at the right levels another injection will trigger the eggs to mature

Egg collection and sperm collection

Step 5: Eggs are collected via a needle passed through the vagina whilst you are under sedation. A semen sample is required on the day of egg collection

Fertilization and embryo development

Step 6: Eggs and sperm are placed P an incubator to fertilize. Embryo development is monitored by CRGH embryologist

Embryo transfer

Step 7: The best embryo(s) 6 /are transferred back into the uterus. Any suitable embryo not transferred can be frozen for Later use

Pregnancy test

Step 8: Patient takes a pregnancy test 16 days after embryo transfer. Ai this s6ge we will arrange appropriate support

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Frequently asked questions

IUI is the simplest form, in that washed, highly motile, capacitated sperms are placed carefully inside the uterus while patient is ovulating.  The goal is to increase the number of sperms that reach the fallopian tubes and inturn increase the chances of pregnancy.

  • IUI is helpful for the following reasons.
  • Low Sperm count TMF 5 > million/ml
  • Penile abnormalities, epispadias or hypospadias
  • Retrograde ejaculation
  • Hostile cervical canal
  • Unexplained Infertility
  • Ovulatory dysfunction like Pcos
  • Lesbian with donor sperm

  • Before performing IUI, both husband and wife has to undergo certain tests.
    The women undergoes, hormonal evaluation (AMH), Day-2 ultrasound to know ovarian function, HSG (or) Laproscopy and Hysteroscopy is done to know that tubal patency.
    For Husband, Semen Analysis TMF count > 5 million/ml is needed.

  • For IUI, women need good ovarian function and patent tubes.  Men should have total motile functional count > 5 to 10 million/ml.
  • From 2nd day mensuration, women’s ovaries are stimulated to produce more eggs.  On 10th day once leading follicle reaches >18mm, Ovulation trigger is given. Without anathesia, the washed semen infused into the uterus with flexible catheter.  Patient was advised to lie down for 15 minutes in the same position..
  • The success rate of IUI is 15% to 20% per cycle.

The pregnancy rate for couples that undergo IUI is similar to the pregnancy rates for couples who get pregnant with no intervention.  That means that for women under the age of 35, pregnancy rates are as high as 20 percent per cycle.  The success rate  of cumulative, IUI  cycles at our hospital is 70 to 80 percent.

For IUI, there’s a slight risk of infection.  While some women report pain, there may be some mild discomfort during the procedure and some spotting after and there is a risk of multiple pregnancy. At our hospital before doing IUI husband semen cultured and treated strict sterile techniques are used to prevent infection.

  • Eat healthy – Acid protein rich foods, cut down carbohydrate, healthy diet improve the success rate of IUI, hence pregnancy.
  • Moderate exercise
  • Avoid smoking
  • De-Stress and control anxiety
  • Take all prescribed meditation
  • Have sex after IUI  - Doctor say that having sex after IUI actually helps.  This is because, during sex, the uterus begins to contract, and pushes the sperm towards the fallopian tubes, making the process more efficient.
  • Be Happy  -  Do things that make you feel happy .  Those who believe in the Law of Attraction say that you attract what you imagine.  So, when you want to get pregnant, your life must reflect the joy of having a baby.

It doesn’t usually happen, but it isn’t uncommon.  It is most common to have some bleeding if the doctor had trouble reaching the cervix.  Some women also have light bleeding with ovulation.

Implantation generally takes place 6 – 12 days after ovulation – so 6 – 12 days after a well- timed IUI.

If you do not become pregnant, you may have to repeat the procedure during your next cycle.  Further evaluation may be needed if you do not become pregnant. At our hospital,  each patient has an individualized treatment plan to help achieve a healthy pregnancy.  You will be provided with reliable information and support to make the best decision for your family.

You will most likely know in about 2 weeks – if you become pregnant.  You may miss your next period.  A blood test will confirm whether or not you are pregnant.

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