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Recurrent implantation failure (RIF)

recurrent ivf failure

Recurrent implantation failure (RIF) refers to cases in which women have had three vitro fertilization (IVF) failed attempts with good quality embryos in women <37 years or 2 failed attempts in women >37 years. 

There are many reasons for RIF. The causes of RIF should be investigated diagnosed and treated before next attempt of IVF.

Reasons for RIF

Female Factors

  • Advanced Maternal Age.
  • Uterine pathology – chronic endometritis infection, uterine polyps, fibroids, uternine septum, abnormal endometrial receptivity.
  • Smoking, obesity, increased stress
  • Immnological cause – auto antibodies, auto immune diseases.

Male factors

  • Poor sperm morphology
  • Azoospermia with chromosomal abnormality

Embryo Factors

  • Poor quality embryos
  • Embryos aneuploidy

IVF Protocol

In Our hospital we do investigate the reason fro RIF by doing tests. Depending upon the cause treatment is given.

  1. Complete blood checkup, auto antibody assay.
  2. Laproscopy and hysteroscopy (This is done, to correct intra uterine pathologies like polyp, septum and fibroids, salphinpectomy in hydrosalphinx)
  3. Endometrial bipsy is done for TB endometrium and other infection.
  4. Male chromosomal analysis.
  5. Pre-Implantation genetic testing, Blastomere biopsy is done to rule out aneuploidy.
  6. Endometrial receptive array

Treatment is done depending upon the cause

  1. Weght reduction
  2. Healthy life style
  3. Quit smoking
  4. Anxiolytics to decrease anxity
  5. Incase of intra uterine pathology, patient might undergo polypectomy, septal resection,myomectomy adhesiolysis, salphingectomy depending upon the cause.
  6. Incase of uterine infection, patient is treated with appropriate antibiotics depending upon the endometrial receptivity testing, embryo transfer is done during window of implantation.
  7. Genetically normal embryos are transfered.
  8. To improve the endometrial receptivity autologus PRP treatment, and other drugs are given.
  9. Immunotherapy is given RIF is due to auto antibodies of theombophillic
In our hospital we have very good success rate for recurrent IVF failures

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